Getting Started


How to Join

If you are enrolled at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and you would like to participate in the University of Maryland (UMD) Army ROTC program you will need to fill out a Cross Enrollment Form. All other aspects for enrolling that apply to UMD students apply to UMUC students.

Cross Enrollment Form*

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Students are welcome to participate in the UMD ROTC Program. You must contact Inter-institutional Registration at / 301-314-8254 at UMD to turn in the appropriate forms as well as have the appropriate documentation from UMUC.

The University of Maryland: College Park requires:

  • A Letter of Verification of Enrollment from your home institution.

  • Documentation of your permission to enroll at this institution.

  • UMD Official Transcript Request Form

  • Cross Enrollment Form

*ROTC Scholarship Applicants, Green to Gold Active Duty Option applicants and Green to Gold Scholarship Option applicants are not eligible for cross-enrollment.